Practice makes perfect

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by cluckeyo, May 28, 2016.

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  1. cluckeyo

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    A lot of my experience with the idea of survival, has had to do with just getting out there and roughing it. Learning from doing. The act of preparing for a backpacking trip, is an education in itself. Then the actual trip is a is an opportunity for learning more and more about what it really takes to survive in life. We really haven't taken it very far to the primitive level, though this is a very valuable thing to study. And could be needed at some point. Still, getting out there and experiencing life in the rough is not only fun, but educational. An investment in survival.
  2. lonewolf

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    getting out an experiencing survival is good. but my old scout master used to say "if you think your roughing it, you're doing it wrong"!!:D
  3. Destiny

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    We practice basic survival when we go camping, it's fun and educational. We take turns starting fires with fire starters, catch our own food but it's usually just fish. We don't go so far as to the point that it's miserable, it is our vacation after all.
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  4. lonewolf

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    quite right, any fool can be uncomfortable but that's not the object of the exercise, the reverse in fact.
  5. Deathisue

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    The practice make the master, in some point is good be exposed to the elements but nothing serious, we have to know our limit and be in a controlled environment, for put us in a test to improved our abilities for futures and dangerous circustances.
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