Practice Will Help Prepare For a Situation You Hopefully Never Have to Face

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    When it comes to building permanent shelters the only way you can be sure you know how to do this is to practice. Practice by starting off building temporary shelters that can be put up and taken down. Reuse the same materials over and over again. Try different techniques in the wild to build temporary shelters on overnight or weekend outings. When it comes time to build a permanent shelter you need to pick the place that you were going to put your shelter.

    Be sure you are not in danger of falling things such as tree branches or rocks. Also, make sure that you watch out for flooding such as flash flood areas or riverbanks and shorelines where water could rise quickly and unannounced. If you are near mountains, you must always take into consideration that snow and rain could come rushing down at any given time and make sure to place your shelter accordingly. In snowy situations you will want to make sure that you build a structure that could support weight on top of it in case an excessive amount of snow should fall while you are sleeping overnight. Wherever you are and whatever situation you are in when you are building a permanent shelter, you will want to make sure to use the strongest and best quality materials that you can.

    The idea of a permanent shelter is only building it one time. This can be done right when certain steps are taken and applied. Don't cut corners to make things go quicker. Take the time necessary in order to put things together properly so that they will stay together for a lifetime to come. Take pride in your work and when you build a shelter you will have something you can be proud of, and you're done.
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