Practise Survival Skills You've Learned?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by John Snort, Jun 15, 2016.

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    There are a number of people learn survival skills but have never really tested themselves to see if they can actually use the skills they learned in case of an emergency. An easy way to practice survival skills is by going camping. At the very least you can learn basic outdoor skills which can be useful when shtf.

    How often do you think one should test the survival skills they've learned. I've heard there some which can be tested by anyone in their backyards?
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    I think it can depend on the skill to some extent. Personally, once I have become proficient in a skill, then I never forget it. However, there is very often other factors involved with primitive skills. For instance; you may become proficient in making fire with flint,steel & tinderbox using charred cloth, but charred cloth is not an option in a wilderness situation. You need to learn about plant tinders & how to prepare them. Another example is tomahawk throwing. You may learn how to throw at a set distance from the target, but in a survival situation you need to be able to judge that distance without pacing it out. Throwing a tomahawk with a pack on your back is totally different to throwing without a pack. There are many more skills than these that go beyond the basic learning. There is always more to learn & practice.
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