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    It was a 2+2 recent event that triggered this post on how to both save $$$ and get best product needed.

    I attended a breakfast meeting and learned about - triticale - never heard of it nor its application to prep. Also at meeting was someone who helped me a few years ago in selecting the best - for my needs - and most cost-efficient - for my needs.

    This "someone" was in our prep club in D.C. He was an auto techie (also had an FAA A&P license [air frame and power plant]). At meeting I mentioned my need for quality auto jumper cables for my evacuation prep.

    He briefed me on the best and lest expensive concept AND ALSO provided "free" consulting to me. He explained not to depend on a second car for jumper cable project. ... ... ...

    There's something the tow companies routinely use. It's like a small attache case - ie hard sides-not a flight bag -with wires. The attache case is a battery of some sort that is always kept loaded with juice and can be packed along with other support equipment. After meeting/meal, he went outside and looked at my vehicle a regular size 4X4 truck. He asked about what madam drives.

    He knew what we needed and did not need. He gave me some supply houses ... not stores for general public ... and recommended "model X" available at A or B. Of course he got me the thing and I paid the exact cost he paid. He had a gasoline station/garage with account.

    If I went on my own to obtain contraption, I probably would have "over bought" a product and also wasted money.

    Thus, the "no cost" consulting and trustworthy guidance via our club member. This club was similar to the prep co-op I was in for large quantity purchase of foods/related (moth balls [camphor], tarps).

    Of course, colleague got treated to evening meal by me. In District, this costs about like buying the thing for our vehicles.


    I'm glad I no longer gamble. Never knew about triticale. Our world is a vast place.
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