Prepaid or postpaid purchases?

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by remnant, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. remnant

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    Some people make an arrangement with retailers to deposit a certain sum of money monthly and then get goods from the retailers on a reducing balance. There is also a complement who prefer to buy on credit and then pay at the end of the month. Opinion is sharply divided on who is likely to overspend especially on unnecessary things. Which strategy is better to save better for survival?
  2. John Snort

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    Buying things on credit is one reason why many people have no savings. They buy things they don't need and at when they get paid they'll have to pay their debts first. Fail to and to pay in time and you'll have some interest to pay too.

    The way to avoid being in debt so you can focus on prepping is by paying off all your debts first and paying for everything you buy at the time you buy it. I never pre-order anything nor buy anything with a credit card.
  3. lonewolf

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    I buy online with paypal, the balance goes on my credit card which is paid in full at the end of each month, therefore incurring no extra charges.
    other stuff is bought in cash in person.

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