Preparedness Is Now Politicalized

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    In our nation of a third of a billion people, the Red Cross senior manager(s) don't even show up on the real lists of experts.

    Note that Columbia University is on an island that's ill-prepared for disasters.

    How do "socio-economic factors" become a common denominator to disaster prep ?! In 1989, President George H.W. Bush (B 41) deployed more than 1,000 military police to the US Virgin Islands because of the riots. The 6 USCG cutters were also armed. The problems transcended socio-economic factors.

    Current views are to stockpile for no less than 15 (fifteen) days.

    It's advisable to have maps for OUTSIDE of your area. You're familiar with your locale. If circumstances demand evacuating away from familiar surroundings, you'll be prepared - as far as the maps go.

    Medical care during a crisis IS PREDICTABLE. See "Mass Casualties Predictor". It's on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website and elsewhere. A public service broadcast about something like flooding and mosquito dangers - and medical facilities are super-saturated with the parents bringing the kids in. Nearest parking space: Pikes Peak, Colo.

    Sections of Hurricane Alley do not have underground shelters nor residences with basements. ARC Washington, D.C. is near Reagan Airport. The airport is 13 feet above sea level. It's a complex correlation to make so maybe Columbia University can help out in this time of need.

    From home to an emergency shelter means traveling on roads. If the roads are flooded, the traveling ceases.

    What is not politicized nowadays ?!

    Both ARC and Columbia Univ have a continued existence because of public funds.
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