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    Good evening all,

    Per titles ...

    Article clearly explains it all: "the basic ideas behind preparedness are essentially the same. You want to be ready". It is not relevant if one believes the oceans are rising or evaporating. It is not relevant if one believes fracking causes seismic activity or King Neptune does.

    I personally do not believe it is the "enormity" of prep plans. Some consider preparedness for emergencies and disasters like end of life plans. It's an inherent reminder of one's ultimate fate. A quality way to get over this morbid feeling is to get a kit started !

    Note that this article is in the EAST Oregonian. Thus, their trade area probably excludes Portland.....which solves 51% of the problem. A little breathing space helps.


    So it's been said ... I just heard this as a story ... At the beginning of the Oregon sections of coastal highway 101 and Interstate 5 from California, were signs reading:

    "Welcome to Oregon.
    Now Go Home."
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  2. TMT Tactical

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    The only problem with Oregon is people from California moved there.
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    Concerning the topic of preparedness, let's imagine what happens when there is no preparedness:

    Let me think ...... what if we have a bunch of people live on an island. Let's have them built stick houses in flat lands pretty much even with the ocean level. Certainly, let's NOT build concrete houses and NEVER leave floors empty at ground (i.e. flood) level. Garage bottom floor(s)? No, no, no! From where should the pick the theoretical island? I say somewhere in the Caribbean where hurricanes hit every year. I wonder what could happen?

    The Island thingy has made me think about another concept. Let's cram over ten million people into a small area where no food can be grown. All water and food must be shipped in to this horde of humanity. Oh! I've got a great idea to add! Let's make them all dependent on electricity! Ha, ha, ha, ha, it's good that humans are not that stupid.
  4. Sourdough

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    Just think how everything would change if there were no Insurance Companies. Or better if insurance companies said, "Sorry no one is stupid enough to insure those type buildings in those locations".

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    I don't know if people think of the enormity of putting together a plan, although, that may be part of it. The "where do I start?" syndrome.

    I think more people are of the belief that "It will never happen to me." until it does. Then you are FUBARRED. Maybe it was just my perception, but I thought the news reports coming out of Florida pre-Dorian were people getting ready quickly. They have been burned several times very recently, and it was not going to happen again. When was the last time Oregon had a natural disaster? The article mentions one in 1962. LOL half the population in the state wasn't even born yet. A disaster in 1962 probably doesn't even come up in History class. They need a reality check, hopefully, something small but eye-opening to shock them back to reality.

    Sourdough: I agree with you. The Insurance companies could help or control the situation. "You want to build a hotel where? ROFLOL!!! Good luck getting insurance for that." Nobody insures it, it doesn't get built.
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    I think this is the same as those that think a home invasion or rape or car jacking can never happen to me. These things only happen to bad people, people who deserve it! Hence the gun for defence issue, or anything for defence like in Australia! I remember being fairly new in the Territory, most people I spoke to said that there were cyclone warnings every wet season, but they never came to anything. But I was in Darwin Xmas 1974, & cyclone Tracey did amount to something!!! I don't think many people were prepared for it, I certainly wasn't & I was lucky to survive. Had I not made the right decisions at the right time, I would not be here today, & the family I was staying with would not have survived either.
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  7. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Keith,

    There is a third faction.

    This third faction knows about some of the dangers and perils. Yet, they were taught:

    "In case of emergency, dial 911".

    It can't get any more clinically cleaner than that phone call.
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  8. lonewolf

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    its amazing how many people think that THEIR survival is someone else's job.
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