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Discussion in 'Converting Your House Into A Survival Shelter' started by Pragmatist, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Good morning all,

    Above a relatively long article discussing house prep for various natural disasters.

    Ref tornadoes; Is there time to go to a "mass shelter" ?

    Am thrilled that South Padre Island does not participate in hurricane season. The National Flood Insurance Program provides partial protection. Everything's not insured. It's like Medicare. Insurance is still needed.

    *** I do recommend to carefully consider/reconsider "trim or remove nearby trees" with the 18 - 36 hours prior to a hurricane. The charts show this to be an injury time. Maybe at NYU Greenwich Village, Manhattan, it can safely be done. I recommend using sound discretion in prep efforts within the 18 -36 hour time frame. Don't become a casualty prior to the dangerous weather event. ***

    NYU attorneys aren't the best advisers on emergency supply kit components. Traveler's checks are somewhat limited in use.

    Several hyperlinks throughout the article.
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    Well it is a start, and it does make people more aware. Whole books are written on the subject, so I (we) shouldn't be overly critical over what is left out of a magazine article.

    I did seem to be geared toward getting to a mass shelter. If you have no place else to go you do what you have to do. A mass shelter would not be my first choice. Was I missing something, or were the Hurricane seasons reversed from the article to the map? Which one is correct, the article or the map?
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  3. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Morgan,

    Shelters are OK - if :

    mentally prepared for them
    access to get to shelter is available (Here we have frequent road flooding)
    Other aspects; Sometimes the safety and convenience of a shelter is not an improvement over staying in a vehicle away from damaged home. Think germs, disease, all the rest of a crowded theater or cruise ship with their gastro-intestinal mass infections. Even if fleeing damaged house in warm weather and fall into mud with bugs, vermin, and trash, the shelter showers ... here, shelters are typically public schools, ... the showers are already super-saturated with people already there and waiting to take a shower.

    Don't remember the map other than south Padre Island is not displayed as part of the hurricane area.
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