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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good morning all,

    Article titled about earthquake kits.

    I'm posting it here as news and less about kits for Preppers.

    A segment of the public - the readers of Rolling Stone (akin to Washington Compost) - are being introduced to the preparedness theme.

    Whatever we can write up about as being funny re the kits in the article, it is the right path, so to speak, to follow. The 2 kids in the tent are learning by experience.

    Due to required skill and cost, I noticed no mention of protective masks and hard hats (but no skill needed to put on helmet; jest be less than point 10 alcohol).
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  2. Morgan101

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    The upside is this article will reach people who wouldn't give us the time of day. If they bought one of these kits it would be better than nothing.

    The downside is they give incredibly bad and deceiving information, and these kits are grossly overpriced. The first kit claims to contain 48 liters of water. That would be the minimum for 4 people for three days. It would also weigh 100 pounds by itself. Who is going to bug out with that?

    I wish they would suggest what people need, and offer suggestions on where to get it. As so often is the case, people buy a kit; put it in a closet; and think they are prepared. Foolish indeed.
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