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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Preppaaja, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Currently living in Finland. I've been preparedness-oriented for a long time. There are many preppers around here, but it's not "mainstream hobby" for masses. People don't make noise about it. I decided to launch my own prepper website in Finnish to promote prepper lifestyle. For more information please visit:

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    Welcome to this forum. Hope your enterprise is successful.
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    Started reading your website, but couldn't finnish it. :)

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    Best of luck, buddy.
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    Love how your people kicked Russian ass! Causes me great sadness that your people lost so much land to the communists. However, you guys gained the world's respect. For the loss of one of your soldiers, six Russian soldiers died. Good work! Grand bravery!

    I had a Finnish Nagant, gave it to a family member then he sold it to a responsible / worthy new owner. With military ammo, firing from a blanket rest, the rifle would produce 2" groups. I now so wish that I would have kept that rifle. But tis true that it now it belongs to a much younger stronger man.
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