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Discussion in 'Survival Kits' started by Pragmatist, Nov 12, 2019.

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  1. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    Good morning all,

    Oprah helps the cause !

    Article tells of a kit endorsed by Madam Oprah. It's $395.

    SFGATE calls the product "pretty ridiculous".

    I have a hunch Coast Guard approved "delicious coconut shortbread bars" are not delicious.

    Cold brew Kusmi Tea is luxury prep stuff ?


    Absent from backpack is an all-weather table cloth and picnic basket.
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  2. varuna

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    Functionality aside, $395 is pretty cheap compare to what I typically carry for non-emergency. I've already lose count how much my personal kit worth, although many items are on the cheap & disposable side

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  3. Rebecca

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    Why didn't someone tell me the importance of "Vitamin E enriched face cream" for my GHB???

    Ok, please excuse the sarcasm above, but on a more serious note could they not have found more practical and useful items for the space and weight the impractical ones are taking up? Like more paracord, or a knife, or water filter?? And on and on.

    Then again maybe I am just a really weird female and fail to see the importance of the luxury items listed.

    I was going to say at least the people who purchased this will have something. But unfortunately they probably have no clue how to use the practical equipment included anyway. And even with the best, most expensive kit you can die if you don't know how to use it.
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  4. Dalewick

    Dalewick Master Survivalist

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  5. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    Good morning Rebecca,

    No, you're not weird; just realistic.

    If someone - even from metro San Francisco - spends $400 .............

    These Californians just might be proficient in using the kit's candles - and burn down their BOP. I, too, must not be sarcastic ..... but I love poetic justice.
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  6. TexDanm

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    It covers the basics, food, water, fire, shelter, etc. The thing is that it falls into the gold plated cow pattie sort of thing. What that means is that there are a lot of people that will happily buy something that is mostly crap if you will just jack the price up high enough. After a certain point on almost anything, the quality goes up with the price until you reach that gold plated turd level. At that point, they don't even try to offer a quality product because the buyer just wants to be able to brag about how much they paid for it.

    You see this all the time where a particular brand name product will cost 4 times as much as a very comparable product. You could put together a great kit for that kind of cost or you could duplicate that one for under 50 bucks. What do you want to bet that their multitool is a China-made piece of crap that you could buy for 10 bucks?

    The thing is that having a kit and knowing how to use it are not the same thing. I don't carry a moisturizer cream but I do have some small bottles of lotion and some sunscreen. The dust mask and gloves are something that most people forget. I have leather gloves and N95 masks in my mobil kits. After 911 a lot of people that were not in the buildings were harmed from breathing the dust.
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    1. varuna
      Your spot on there. Its all come down in knowing how to use them.

      On the sidenote, even cheap chicom brand could be useful if you know their limit, as you can see in my own list (posted above) I've got plenty of cheap stuff as part of my non-emergency kit.
      varuna, Nov 13, 2019
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