Preserving hot coals

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    Early communities didn't have to light a fire everyday since it was a tedious process and not the modern method of simply striking a matchbox. They simply got hold of the burning embers and buried the hot coals in ash. This prevented further oxidation and guaranteed maximum insulation therefore little heat was lost by there coals. They would simply uncover the coals and start a new fire without much fuss. I think this would be a good strategy if someone has run low on lighters in survival situations.
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    People who have open fires in their homes still use this method, it is called "Banking the fire". You simply shovel the ashes over the fire until it is buried. This will keep the fire in all night if you have some unburned or partially burned wood in the fire.
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    As an alternative you can store coal in stainless steel smoker boxes that are deemed reusable. A cast iron smoker pot will strengthen the smokey flavor that the coal produces so much that it prolongs it and even slows down the burning process of the coal.
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