President Trump Signs Bill To Fund State-level Gun Range Expansion

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  1. TMT Tactical

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    Still try to get things done for us.

    "Keane summed up the overall benefits of the legislation:

    If a state wildlife agency decides to build a new recreational shooting range that cost $1 million, the state would only need to apply $100,000 of state funds to access the remaining $900,000 from Pittman-Robertson funds, instead of the $250,000 down payment currently required. It would also give states up to five years to use those funds, which is crucial when navigating the approvals for acquiring lands, permits and approvals for projects."
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  2. Sonofliberty

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    As much as I like free shooting ranges, the federal government should not be wasting tax dollars on them. Cut taxes, I can use the savings to pay range fees.
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  3. TMT Tactical

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    I am normally opposed to government spending but providing a place for generations to learn gun safety, improve shooting skills and remove the B.S. about guns, is a win-win for me.
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  4. Snyper

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    Trump has already cut taxes.

    Publicly owned shooting ranges can be used for teaching Hunter safety and NRA safety classes as well as NRA sponsored competitions which brings money into the communities.
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  5. Morgan101

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    I agree with you, and I hate to see the Federal Government involved with anything. That said when you look at all the money that gets pissed away on stupid, useless, B.S. it is nice to see at least a small portion going in a direction that I agree with, and would be helpful.
  6. Old Geezer

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    Teddy Roosevelt would have approved of this 100%. Rifle Ranges are part of National Parks and promote hunter safety. The public must get out into the parks, else they lose their connectivity to nature. National Parks are tremendous aids in the fight against psychological depression. Due to kill-offs of predators, hunting by humans is required for herd management -- over-population is a horrible/evil killer of wildlife; starvation is no way to die. Bringing back wolf packs is OK, however bringing back huge numbers of packs just isn't going to be tolerated -- they kill calves and human children.

    Some stupid bleeding-heart lady out California way, began feeding the coyotes that would wander into the cul-de-sac where she lived; y'know those big neighborhoods outside some sprawling city. Well, those coyotes came a'visiting and there was no food, but there was a little 3 yr. old boy playing in his backyard. The coyotes ripped him apart -- no, he didn't make it. Not an urban legend unless the L.A. Times (or some other big newspaper) was creating a wild story. Usually these communist rags cover-up Mother Nature's darker side.
  7. watcherchris

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    You guys do and think for what you want.

    I am not against shooting ranges..but like many here I have my doubts about this...I'm thinking it is a Trojan Horse.

    I belong to a shooting club across town...with a shotgun and rifle pistol ranges outdoors and also an indoor range open 24/7.

    When you sign in as a log in your name, member number...caliber of gun you are using...length of range you are using...50 or 100 yard range..bench number...etc etc etc.

    Much of this is mandated by the insurance company covering their liabilities...profits.

    But who gets to see this information??? Think about it...!!

    Do you want the federal government collecting data on how many guns you own..what far in distance you are shooting...your member many days of the week or month you shoot....etc etc etc.

    This may be fine as long as you have pro 2A people in office..but what about when anti 2A people are in office. We just went through 8 years of anti gunners..and suddenly .22 Long Rifle became scarce in many parts of the country. Only since this sitting President do we see .22 Long Rifle making a comeback.

    But data on who has what gun and gun skills....etc etc...that is something totally different....when confiscation time comes...the ability to cross check data.

    Remember ....many people and states have guns bought person to paperwork and this is legal in these states unless you buy from a licensed dealer..then you have to fill out paperwork. Suddenly these individually bought guns are visible ..out in the open...via these new Federal Gun Ranges.

    It is no ones business who owns them....if you want to keep it this way....
    If you want to keep it this way ..use a private gun range...not one of these ranges where they collect such data and tie it to a person and or an address...just like they do with your card from Sam's Club or Costco, or BJ's...even if you pay cash...there is a paper trail of what you have bought and own...and where you live.

    Just some thoughts. I'm not sure many of the members have thought it through this far.

    If you have a private range or access to the same....your lucky.

    But think it through again ..from the aspect of what I am posting. This could be an Ishmaelite thing laid out right in front of you.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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  8. TMT Tactical

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    At my public range, I walk up pay my fee and get assigned a shooting position. If I wish to move to another position (longer or shorter range) I simply go back to the register table and they re-assign me to a new position. No personal info past my name. No caliber, home address, or any other pertinent info. Great living a 2nd. Amendment state. Love my beautiful Arizona.
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