Prevailng Wind When Placeing A Shelter

Discussion in 'Natural, Temporary, and Permanent Shelter' started by Tom Williams, Jun 10, 2017.

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  1. Tom Williams

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    When you get ready o make your shelter of any type remember to protect from prevailing wind a lean to placed with the open tothe wind is smokey wet and a wind sail gone in high wind. Here in usa most of our wind goes from west to east so the west wall of shelter should be the back wall next hee the north wall should be as strong so the opening should be to the south east any and all shelte should be set this way to give you the bt protection fom weather
  2. jeager

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    Yes prevailing wind is west to east and if a storm brews from the east to
    west it's rare and likely a very bad storm.
    Here a rare tornado comes from the west by south.
    We get twisters but pretty rare really.
    I've seen funnel clouds but if they don't touch down they are just
    funnel clouds. Scary though.
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