Proper trash disposal

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  1. Corzhens

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    In times of survival times in the mountain, there should be concern on the trash. It is natural for people to create trash from what they eat and from what they use. And trash includes the discharge that we do in the toilet - urinating and defecating.

    In camping, the grade school scouts were taught how to make a toilet. Dig a hole of about 3 feet deep that would serve as the septic tank. Weave anything available for cover. The best would be bamboo slats that would trap the odor. After using the improvised toilet, pour some soil so the insects will not inhabit it.

    About the other trash, another hole is recommended. Particularly for the leftover food which would certainly attract ants and other insects (that may include rodents) it is best to have a cover similar to the design of the toilet. That done, there is sanitation in the camp at least.
  2. lonewolf

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    trash can be burnt or buried. in fact, all trash should be burnt first, even cans, so to not attract rats and other vermin to our camp or food stash.
    the further away we get from a 21st century lifestyle post catastrophe the less trash there will be, its mostly packaging that makes this trash and as no more will be in production the amount of this trash will reduce over time.
    left over food should be either fed to animals if you have them or composted, nothing should go to waste.
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  3. Endure

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    Indeed. Organic trash disposal can be achieved by digging a septic hole for urine and feces. And a compost bin for vegetables and fruits, or just leave these in the ground and allow natural descomposition do its job. Batteries and mercury based products can't be disposed by calcination, because of the toxic gases released to the atmosphere.
  4. cluckeyo

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    Yes, paper and plastic can be burned. And your toilet would be a hole in the ground, always cover it. If you are on the move, as in backpacking where you would be in a different location every day, and say you have left over food, you can dig a hole and bury it that also.
  5. SirJoe

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    It's something that is over looked but it's fundamental to our survival. It's very important to treat our bodily discharges in the right fashion as they can attract wild animals. The last thing that you want is a curious animal walking into your camp.
  6. Keith H.

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    We find the easiest way is for everything to go into the toilet hole. Toilet holes are dug in the garden beds. The bed with the toilet holes stays unused for about 12 months & root crops are never grown in these beds. A good garden with lots of earth worms can break down everything very quickly & of course this adds to the richness of the soil without having to manage compost heaps.
  7. Arkane

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    Organic stuff gets composted, the rest is burnt or carried out if in the bush.
    At home we recycle most stuff one way or another.
    One family member is a recycling NAZI she bangs on about it like a dunny door in a hurricane and it is a hanging offence for non compliance.
    She will have a stand up duke it out argument if I drop a can in the wrong place! it is sooo tempting sometimes.:D
  8. Lakeisha Brown

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    When I was in the field, we burned trash rather than bury it. We also dug a deep hole to use as a toilet.
  9. ReadmeByAmy

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    If we are going to the mountain for a camping or either to go on a survival test it is just right that we should have the proper kmowldege on how to dispose the trash that we will have like the food garbages and discharges that we are disposing in the toilet. We should be aware how we should care and not abuse our environment even in times of survival.
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