Properly set up a makeshift candle lantern in the wilderness

Discussion in 'All Resources About Fire' started by Endure, May 20, 2016.

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    A candle is not as obsolete as you may think. These ignitable wicks embedded in flammable wax can come in handy for those unlikely circumstances you don't have a flashlight available to use. Anyway, to create your own makeshift candle lantern you need to make some coverage for your candle first , an empty soda can should do. Now, grab the soda can and cut it open with a switchblade through one of its sides, next, bend the cut layers outwards and put inside the candle like is shown in the following image :


    Of course, you need to fit the candle inside. The can layers should provide enough protection from elements like air or rain, therefore your flame will linger with ease.
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    I think candles are still really important, they are easy and quick to grab in an emergency. They are great in a pinch and can help you set up a better light source in the meantime. Thanks for this tutorial, that little lantern is actually quite cute, and a helpful idea for people like me in rainy climates!
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    Dollar tree sells emergency candles 6 in a box tea candles by the pack and small holders for all types of candles whichthey have all kinds of. We make thosecandle lights in cub scouts
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    Candles are good for a light in camp for reading & writing, they are good for drying out damp kindling to make fire, they can be used for warmth in a confined place, & you can use then to seal repairs ti a canvas or oilcloth shelter. I also use beeswax to rub on linen thread for sewing.
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