Protecting Yourself From An Earthquake Indoors

Discussion in 'Earthquake' started by Ali_q, Jul 2, 2017.

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    Stop, drop and hang on, the triangle of life, these are all methods we've all heard if we live in an earthquake prone zone. Some methods have been debunked over the years. We recently had an earthquake drill in several places in town and they gave us some pointers on what to do during an earthquake and you're stuck indoors. The first thing they told us was not to run since the magnitude may not let us move and we can get hurt. Then we need to duck, protect ourselves and hang on. I'm curious, have you ever had drills like this? If so, what did they teach you and what do you consider is best to do during an earthquake if you're indoors?
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    This reminds me of the big earthquake in 1991. I was in the office when someone mentioned an earthquake. Everyone in the office fell silent as if to measure the tremor. Yes, it was a strong earthquake. And when it dawned on us that there is an earthquake, I hastily moved under the office table to at least shield my head in case something wrong happens. Even when there were no training or drills on earthquake, we were already aware of what to do and it's all by instinct. Fortunately, no one was hurt in our office and we were sent home earlier by 2 hours.
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