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  1. lonewolf

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    I would say this to any newbie just starting in prepping/survivalism, don't be afraid to ask questions, that's how we all learn, and remember "the only STUPID question is the one you DONT ask!"
  2. James261

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    Hi, I couldn't agree more
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  3. filmjunkie08

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    I joined this sight within the past week and have felt welcomed. It seems that people here are willing to share information and to be quite helpful. I look forward to when the store open, too.
  4. Lakeisha Brown

    Lakeisha Brown New Member

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    Hey, could you guys suggest some YouTube channels to subscribe to that will help me?
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  5. BeautifullyBree

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    Asking questions is the best way to learn. I never hold back when I'm curious. Sometimes people are really rude if they know something you don't. They think you should know what they know. Just pointing out to the people awnsering questions you don't have to be rude or make anyone feel less. A big thank you to those helping me in this forum happily awnsering all my questions.
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  6. Finman0507

    Finman0507 New Member

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    Thanks Lonewolf. Being a newbie makes it a bit more difficult to put yourself out there. Thank you for encouraging us.
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  7. Keith H.

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