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Discussion in 'Primitive Shelter' started by Tom Williams, Jun 1, 2016.

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  1. Tom Williams

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    A quick easy shelter A tarp. Rope a and few strong sticks find a flat spot lay tarp onto cleared spot place and stake a rope over tarp about 1/3 of tarp lift the larger 2/3 of tarp up over rope to form a. Sideways v stake s into eyelet at corners and secure into ground in middle of tarp at opening use a third longer stick into eyelet and secure into ground this gives your a small flloor to sleep and store and a nice roof. That drains well takes mins to make secure your post to griund with guide lines to hold the shelter tight
  2. DeeFree

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    No wonder "Survivor" is always giving a tarp is a reward. It's so useful for a lot of things, most importantly shelter but it can also be used to carry (or drag) large items, cover firewood so it stays dry for burning, and it can even bbe used on the ground as a kind of flooring or rug.
  3. Harry Warren

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    I like the idea of using one third of the tarp as flooring in this make-shift tarp shelter. Any runoff from rain won't seep into your sleeping bag with the fold being there. If you were fortunate enough to have multiple tarps, you would have many options for your "campsite". I have used tarps to cover firewood on many a camping trip, and they work very well.
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    Thanks for sharing this quick and simple tutorial. I myself am always sure that I have a roll of tarp whenever I go camping. There really are endless possibilities for tarp uses.
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