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Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by cluckeyo, May 28, 2016.

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    I've been keeping quail for about 4 years. My cousin brought them to me after I had expressed interest in their quail operation. 8 quail. They even brought me a cage and a sack of feed. Even an incubator. And they presented all that to me as a gift! It's been fun learning how to take care of them and raise the chicks. These first quail were rather local, same state. I kind of dropped the ball last year and let my quail get too old before having a hatch, so I didn't have very many fertile eggs. I decided to just buy them online. They were BIG eggs. And they have produced BIG birds. What I first noticed is that this hatch didn't really go that well. Only about 30% hatched. That's not a good ratio. And they have been nothing but problems. Very tempermental. They don't lay well at all. I've tried many things to make them happy. They will do well for a few days, then stop laying again. I have about decided that they are inbred. As large as they are, I think this is a reasonable conclusion. They came from New Jersey, so just in case it has something to do with the climate, I have decided to only buy in Texas from now on. I love my quail, but these guys are driving me crazy!
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    I have seen a quail farm just once but I did not delve because of the odor. But in our province where they have ducks for the eggs, I have heard this trick. They would keep the hens (or pullet) in a cage so the eggs will not be just anywhere. In the morning, they will be collecting the eggs to be sold in the market. There was this small radio/tape player that plays music all night long. They are not joking but the farm owner said that the ducks are relaxed when they hear music. And when they are relaxed, they tend to lay good eggs. Maybe the music is soft and not rock music, I don't know.

    We love quail eggs especially the boiled that we eat with salt. It is a snack food here that you can buy in bus stations. They say that the quail egg is very nutritious and that you should not eat more than 5 of it in one sitting... to much cholesterol.
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    Wow, thanks Corzhens! That is something else I can try, when I was out of ideas. And you are right, quail eggs are delicious boiled and salted. They are also very good pickled, with little carrot, onion, and jalapeno in the vinegar. I had my quail in cages, but finally gave up on them and turned them onto the floor. But I will remember this post, and with my next hatch I think I can rig up some music for them. Thank you again.
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