Random Thoughts Surrounding Climate Change

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Climate change is not affecting one area so to say worse than another. In fact, climate change affects every living breathing thing on the planet. From animal and plant life to human life all the way to oceanic creatures the effects of climate change and climate shift in the environment can be devastatingly disastrous. The most noticeable effects with climate change are in places where we can see it the most such as the Arctic Circle. The polar ice caps are melting at an extremely alarming rate. One of the last measurements in comparison that I heard was a chunk of ice the size of Rhode Island breaks off every day. Not only will the melting of the polar ice caps play an effect on how the Sun reflects into our atmosphere, but it will also take a toll on the delicate balance known as our jet stream.
    The jet stream is what gives our planet its temperate zones. The jetstream is responsible for carrying warm air and cool air by wind patterns and ocean currents around the world. When these patterns are disrupted in one place, it will have a devastating effect globally. Imagine jungles freezing overnight turning to ice forests. Imagine the north pole melting and turning into an ocean. The potentials for this to happen are becoming realer on a daily basis. Humankind and their advancement of evolution have managed to cause more damage and destroy the planet at a more rapid rate than ever before. This devastating form of evolution must cease to exist, or our planet will cease to exist. The best way that you can help slow down the process of climate change or to help the process occur more naturally is preserving on our natural resources while they are still here. Plan ahead for the worst in the future and should that day come and the situation occurs you will be ready more so than others.
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