Raw Food Is King

Discussion in 'Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Food' started by remnant, Jul 18, 2017.

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  1. remnant

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    Raw food is valuable in survival situations especially when one is embarking on a long journey. Some people get entangled in jungles or camp in rainy climes or seasons and cooking becomes a big problem. Some people are accustomed to raw food which in most cases, is nutritious. There is a reason why animals have longer lifespans than humans. White ants found on wood is a good example. Do you take such?
  2. kamar19

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    Raw food is very good for the body just make sure you eat it quickly as raw foods go bad faster without a frig, but if your outside where it's hot you can naturally dehydrate some foods with will preserve it. I would say that plant foods in general are king but I'm not gonna debate that raw foods pack the biggest nutritional punch without a doubt.
  3. zackdsilvis

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    I agree. Raw food is essential for surviving in the wilderness. Raw food is obviously great because you don't need to prepare anything.
  4. Keith H.

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    The only raw food I ever eat or take as trail food is dried foods. Eating raw meat you kill in the wild can be risky, because the meat could be infected with TB or other infectious diseases. Raw fruit should be fine, as are some raw vegetables.
    Not all animals have a longer lifespan than humans. Those that contract diseases by eating diseased animals die just the same as we do. What does your reference to termites mean? Explain please.
  5. m33kuh

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    Depends on what type of raw food that will be available if such things happen. But I guess it won't be a problem because there is always a way to make a fire.
  6. eyinka

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    I can feed on raw food provided they are vegetables. Maybe I could do a little bit of others but certainly not any animal I see in the wild. I have trained my body to accept whatever I throw at it and also stay on water for longer periods. I should not have a problem
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