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    When you are in a survival situation, there is no guarantee that anybody will be completely prepared. However by utilizing information that is out there to teach you multiple techniques if the situation occurs where survival is required you will be better equipped to handle the task at hand. Basic survival tips are found all over the internet. Perhaps some of the best and most practice techniques for survival tips are found in military books. These books will explain everything from lighting fires to surviving hypothermia and beyond. They are designed to help our troops survive in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. By looking at an Army Survival Guide, a Marine Corps Survival Guide, a Navy Survival Guide, or an Air Force Survival Guide, one can learn some masterful survival skills.
    These skills will help you to be mentally prepared should the situation occur where you have to exercise survival techniques. Those who do not have any prior knowledge of survival techniques will be weak and in the most danger. There are also several survival guides that you may purchase from stores as well as apps for your phone. In fact, you can download the Military Survival Guide for your phone and it can be viewed offline. As long as you keep a small solar powered charger with you, you should not have to worry about not having a way to read your phone. In a survival situation, your smartphone may truly be the one smart device that helps to save your behind. Read survival forums such as this one and off grid living forums to find some of the best ways to help mentally prepare yourself for a situation where these techniques are called for.
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    That is really good advice. I also have quite a collection of physical survival books, but because I know that I need to have them in case of emergency, and I know that I'll neither be able to carry them with me nor to memorize all the information in them, my next best option has been to make sure that I have them all in my phone and have means of being able to charge it. I do agree that in a time of emergency, my phone will be the most important thing to have with me.
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