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    I call it the good old rechargeable lamp that we usually bring in family camping. In a mountain resort with or without facility, that lamp is very useful especially the heavy duty that can last for 5 hours. It’s difficult to cook at night when it is dark and you cannot just rely on the flashlight (torch). The rechargeable lamp is one good invention for campers. But for hunters, I don’t think it is good to bring along a rechargeable lamp if you have to walk 5 hours to reach the camp site. The flashlight is more like it.
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    You mean this thing?


    I never actually used one, if I need a electrical light I stick with torches. You could make them even more bright, by wrapping it around a semi-transparent white plastic bottle (for example a bottle of detergent), which will amplify its brightness.
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    And what if it didn't work or on. I'm not saying this is a bad idea I just saying we should ready all the time and if there is same situations of not working of lamp than we should use fire. It's all about surviving.
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