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    Was receiving training this week and the instructor had recently (two years back? can't remember) been a Navy corpsman with Marine combat units in the mountains of Afghanistan. He'd most lately been what I would describe as a ship's physician assistant (I do not know Navy designations at all). One device he had was the current tourniquet being used by military units all around the world. This really, really caught my eye. It's best fast tourniquet I've ever seen. We had bleeding simulators fixed to volunteers (myself included) and let me tell you, these puppies stop the bleeding. OK, so they can hurt, however the matter at had is this pesky little issue with someone bleeding to death. Think maybe one can bleed out rather quickly if they get a femoral or brachial artery blown apart! Answer = Yes.

    The device's designation is C.A.T., combat application tourniquet. They are up to like generation seven (#7) what with the numerous improvements having been incorporated.

    Borrowing the haircut phrase, "high and tight", the military corpsman is trained to put the tourniquet close to the wounded individual's torso, "high and tight". This, as opposed to in the civvy world where EMS and E.R. physicians go two inches or so above the peripheral bleeder. Trouble is that a severed artery will spasm and can retract -- uh oh! Can't grab it, maybe not even with forceps. Therefore go high to begin with -- especially in combat where precision takes second seat to the saving of a person's life. For me this applies in the civvy world also, got a personal story that I'll not share.

    OK, so here's some info.

    Scroll down and find Stabilization Plate, part number 5.

    The above is a so-so video. Let me improve: place the Stabilization Plate over the artery needing to be shut off (ex. brachial or femoral; there are many images online to show you artery locations on your leg and arm).

    Here's a description of the most recent modifications:

    I've yet to try to find a best purchase site, myself. Here's a Google search of sellers. Like I said, I can't recommend, you folk will likely find better pricing yourselves. Don't buy a fake! I've not reserched people passing off cheap copies.*

    Quick clotting packs are used to stop non-life-threatening bleeds. All manner of types of this sort of product are available.

    I can't discuss packing wounds that are massive, so look on the web. Short story, when someone is bleeding-out, you gotta stop that and fast. I can't even begin to emphasize enough that you can't just stand there wondering what to do. Learn about this stuff now.
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