Recycling Plastic Grocery Bags Into Rugs.

Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by Tumbleweed, Jul 8, 2017.

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    I enjoy knitting and crocheting, especially in the wintertime, when I can't be outside and work in the garden. I usually make small projects, and I especially like making knitted socks, both ones with heels and tube socks, and I use 4 needles, so I can knit them in the round and not need to put in a seam afterwards.
    A few years ago, I learned about recycling those plastic bags from the grocery store and crocheting them into throwrugs. It is a good way to reuse the plastic bags, and these little rugs will last almost forever. I have made some for my friends and family, and I also make dog beds this way because the dogs were always sleeping on the throwrugs.
    I fold the plastic bags, and cut them into about 1" loops, and then string the loops together to make a roll of. "Plarn" (plastic yarn).
    I also use scraps of leftover yarn to add more color, and sometimes buy yarn specifically for the throw rugs when I want a specific look and color. I have also knitted slippers using the plarn, and they are both warm and durable. For an outside rug, you could leave out the regular yarn and just make it from the plastic yarn of you didn't care about the color.
    These little rugs can go right in the washer and dryer, and they just get softer, the more you wash them.
    There are some good tutorials on Youtube about making plarn out of the plastic bags. Here is a picture of how mine look.
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    My mother used to do that. She would cut pieces of old shirts and clothings that are not used anymore, and she would sew them into a rug. She also does the yarn thing and it's very fun to look at. Seems like most moms enjoy doing it but I don't like doing it myself though. :/
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