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    In case you have not run across this gem of a book, I would like to share the latest updated (third edition) version of Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction. The download is available at no cost.

    The book (and its updates) is authored by a group of medical professionals who belong to a board that I am a member of. This massive work has been developed over a period of twelve years. It was written for preppers, survivalists, and professionals in mind, and it focuses on medical care during long-term, large-scale SHTF or wilderness situations where there is no option for conventional care such as hospitals, clinics, etc.

    The team of authors includes professionals from three continents -- North America, Europe, and Australia (and other Down Under areas): two doctors, a Physician’s Assistant, a Biomedical Technician, a Veterinarian, a Paramedic/RN, and a Remote Practice RN. This latest update is about 606 pages (which is quite an upgrade from the previous edition of 212 pages).

    I am particularly drawn to natural remedies and, as a co-writer, I will be including more of them in the next edition of this book.

    A dear old friend of mine, aka GoatLady, authored chapter 21: Botanical and Herbal Medicine. She discussed preparation methods such as harvesting/wildcrafting, making teas, salves, tinctures and much more. It was written with beginners in mind.

    Unfortunately, she died between editions of the book...and knowing her, I believe that she intended to include more herbs in future editions. I have volunteered to carry her torch and to cover additional herbs, wild medicinals, and other natural remedies.

    To benefit a global readership, I will concentrate on plants and materials that are available worldwide (or nearly so), rather than continuing with the North American bias that is in Chapter 21. I was also thinking of adding information on how to "make (herbal) medicine" in a truly austere environment where common supplies are not available.

    I am also concentrating on herbs that have proven clinical efficacy, rather than anecdotally.

    I have a few other ideas, but they’re half-baked at the moment so won’t reveal them just yet!

    The PDF is free and we are glad to share. There are several links to it (from the site below, where the hardbound book is sold). Here is one:

    The free PDF is also available through a main-stream tactical medical course website, Active Response Training: ( They had this to say about the book (which is on their list of recommended reading and free medical references): "This is one of the best wilderness and primitive medical books available anywhere. If you could only download one reference on this list, this would be my choice."

    The authors also provide a print version which is available for those who would rather have a hard copy. Because it is so huge, it is not cheap: $126.35. (The PDF is quite large: 23mb and 614 pages.) The purchase price listed is the cost of production only, there is no markup. The authors receive no monetary compensation from your purchase.

    Bound hard copy available here:

    I would also like to add that although it was written by professionals and has a ton of technical information, the latest 606-page (third) edition also contains a WEALTH of info that non-medical laypeople will find useful.

    The authors are no slackers! They are bouncing around the idea for a Volume Two edition. It is exciting to watch the second book grow from its infancy.

    I will keep you posted when it becomes available.

    Until then, enjoy this latest edition of the original volume of Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction.

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    A bump to start the thread...

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    Many thanks for posting this, first rate! Well done Grizz!
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    Thank you, sir!

    It contains a good bit of info for medical professionals but also contains lots of info for the layperson as well.

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    GrizzlyetteAdams, thanks for sharing such an amazing resource! Certainly a must have item for a digital library!
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