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    I reposting this post of mine from another forum because I still need to familiarize myself with this forum buttons and where all the stuff located.

    1. I was camping at Mt. Anak Krakatau (Krakatoa) After spending a night at peace, the mountain (more like the whole island itself) was erupting. We were about halfway into the summit when we heard & felt the roaring & tremor under our feet 05006c67e7370fda97c74c0e98fb97c7.gif we all running back to our camp, and when we arrived there the guys at the camp already start the evacuation process before we even got there, and all we have to do is to jump on the boat. Eventually everybody managed to return safely, although some personal items do get left behind (few clothing article, electronic, and others small items).

    2. I was on hunting excursion at the time, and during the briefing our guide warn us that our path will be deep inside cat territory thus we took extra precaution which include 2m long forked stick (to open up distance). On the second day of the excursion (it was during broad daylight) there is tell tale of tiger presence within 30m distance from us however because we unable to spot it we continue our journey albeit with extra caution. By nightfall we setup camp and start doing the usual chores of cooking, eating, etc. After we finish our dinner all the sudden I saw pair of glowing eyes about 10m in front of me 05006c67e7370fda97c74c0e98fb97c7.gif I know for sure it was a tiger and not any other big cat that is also inhabit the region. I keep facing the cat (thus avoid giving away my back to him) and waving my hands to make my self bigger while calling out the other guys whose suddenly all too busy loading their rifle instead of grabbing one of those forked stick 05006c67e7370fda97c74c0e98fb97c7.gif , luckily our guide quickly came with one of those forked stick and the tiger understand that he is not welcome in our camp and leave peacefully.
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