Resealing A Used #10 Tin Can With A New Tin Lid.

Discussion in 'First Time Preppers and Survivalists' started by Dan Purinton, Mar 11, 2020.

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  1. Dan Purinton

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    Has anyone heard of or successfully accomplished resealing a used ( a can that has been opened) with a new lid? I know the “new” cans have a flanged portion on the open end. I was researching an aircraft bead rolling hand tool and was thinking I could try to remake the flange portion on the open end of the used can and use a new lid to seal it. Seems quite wasteful to discard an otherwise perfect can.
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  2. Caribou

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    I've heard of it but this is generally considered to be too much effort. To do what you want to do you need to cut the lid off from the side, this is the easy part. Then you need to form a lip. Now you have to come up with new lids, good luck with that. The people with lids for sale want to sell you the can as well. I have repurposed tin cans but I have plastic snap on lids for them. I have canned and have a can sealing machine. I do all my canning in jars these days.
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    I use coffee cans to sort out my brass for reloading.
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