Research On Repetitive Flooding

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Is the research repetitive ?

    Article about an Oregon professor mentioning indigenous communities such as in Alaska.

    Will the Pacific Coast, as located today, still be present in 3 years ?

    I must enhance my knowledge on - sense of place - .

    We can use the Shishmaref, Alaska emergency evacuation plan. Let's laminate the photocopies in case it rains or snows.
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    I am looking forward to some of our Alaskan member chiming in. $750, 000 for just the study, more tax dollars at work.
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    This refers to the native villages along the Yukon River and Kuskokwim River drainages. Global warming has noting to do with this. These villages are built on a delta. The rivers change their channels all the time, have done so for millennia, and will continue to do so forever. I lived on the Kuskokwim for over 25 years and regularly traveled to villages on both rivers.

    The Eskimo traditionally had summer homes and winter homes. Every spring, at breakup, the old summer home would flood and when they moved back they would build a new house. The villages were kept fairly clean this way.

    Today they are given "White Man Homes" which are built on sand and permafrost. The villagers are in a relatively stable area but eventually the river decides to change its channel. In the larger communities they will build retaining walls to fight the river. At one time my community built a retaining wall from junked cars until a sheet pile wall could be financed, by the Feds. Most of these villages don't even have cars but only ATV's and snowmobiles. They have boardwalks so they don't have slog through the mud.

    One portion of my town was known a Alligator Acres. The years that it would flood the kids would charge their neighbours to get a canoe ride to high ground. The homes were built on stilts. I have a picture somewhere of my buddies boat tied to the handrail of his porch.

    Flooding is worse some years but it is normal. I just ate a large pot of beans. Should I go to the ER to find out why I'm farting or should I apply for a million dollar grant to study this dis ass ter.
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    Great post Caribou. Thanks for the info. Watch out for those beans. The federal deficient is too big and we can't afford another dis ass ter grant.
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