Residents Advised To Boil Water

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    Good morning all,

    The small city of Poway, north San Diego area had its municipal government advise its residents to boil their personal use water. A storm apparently polluted city water supply.

    I'm posting this as a reminder that even in the developed areas of the nation - some of the nation's areas are not developed - there could arise emergency situations.

    Prep. prep, prep
    factor in safety
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    standard practice here after any work has been done to the pipes carrying the main water supply.
    for awhile the water comes out brown so I is advisable to have some bottled water on hand until it clears.
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    It could be storm related or that could be an excuse. This is California and they are so broke they are reverting to third world status. Their taxes and regulations have damaged their power grid to a level where much of the population doesn't know when or for how long they might have power outages. At night they run water out to the sea during droughts and the agriculture and domestic water isn't available. This is just one more example of a decaying State.
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    Socialist Komifornia is joining socialist Venezuela. Power and water issue are becoming a normal occurrence. California is taxing themselves into extinction. Those with any brains and skills are leaving and they are being replaced with welfare recipients. Now that the rich can't write of the high taxes, they are starting to move out. The multi-billion dollar high speed train to nowhere is just another prime example of democratic incompetence.
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