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  1. cipkamarco

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    Have you ever resuscitated somebody?? Did you know What were you doing?
  2. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    nope, only on a dummy and yes, I took training with The St Johns Ambulance as a first aider for my employer.
  3. jeager

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    Yes. Three times in fact. Killed 'em all.:eek:

    I felt terrible 'till the e.r. doc said " you broke every rib away from the sternum."

    Back then if you didn't break ribs/sternum you didn't do it hard enough.

    Probably they were too far gone anyway but the last one, an old guy in his 80's,
    did have a heart beat but was already brain dead.

    Oh, well. I tried.

    Oh! Four times. I forgot about the three month old that drowned in the bathtub.
    That one was too far gone also.
    I still think "daddy" drowned it but no way to charge the @$^$%%$&.

    ........then there was the lady that took a bath in Drano.............

  4. laurelsantos

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    Hey there! Here is a complete guide on how you could perform CPR. Hope this would invaluable and you could help other people as well.
  5. TexDanm

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    My wife was a CPR instructor for years. If you work in the medical or dental professions it is a required part of your licensing so she did the class so she could teach it. Since she worked in a prison and everyone there also has to be CPR certified it made her pretty popular for last minute certifications. The doctors were especially bad about waiting to the last minute to get it done and no certification meant you couldn't come to work.

    Breaking ribs is common and it is better to break a few ribs than to be so gentle as to be ineffective. Being a big boy I was concerned about being too rough and that is what my wife told me.

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