Rolled Me Some .35 Remington Today..

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    Spent some time out in my garage today rolling some .35 Remington ammo for future use in my Thompson Contender pistol to which I have recently added a red dot sight.

    I am not much familiar with the usage of the Red Dot sight so this will be a learning curve..but do not expect it to be difficult. I am somewhat concerned that the sight will not take the recoil given off by the .35 Remington but if not...then it will be back to the drawing boards until I obtain one of sufficient ruggedness.

    I did this years ago with a Thompson Contender fixed four power scope only to find it fogged up after a day at the range on this same .35 Remington pistol. However ...Red Dots are a new thing to me.

    Reckon I need to get out more!!!

    Nonetheless he is the fruit of todays work out in the garage.



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