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Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by Pragmatist, May 25, 2019.

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    A big headache in this mid-Atlantic coastal area for those living in forests is wind damage to houses.

    My main worry is a tree falling on this shack.

    A big medical emergency event in the recovery phase - regardless of when one's recovery starts - is injury from roof repair. Never, ever, ever go on a roof when wet especially when slime-ie wet. This mean all roofs here.

    Over the top of my roof are 2 lengths of light cable and 2 lengths of all-weather rope. All 8 ends are attached to base of siding. In case I have an uninvited tree on roof, I will take the appropriately-positioned cables to hoist a tarp over the damage and re-secure the line(s).

    On the inside, I generously sprinkle moth balls (camphor). Creature visitors need not apply for a certificate of occupancy from me. I don't want 'em in here.


    A tangent: Buying emergency supplies, like moth balls and spools of cable, can get costly (Need I even scribble this ?!). Until it's dissolution, I was a member of our club that was a co-op. We'd buy in bulk "off season" to max out on savings. We bought a warehouse pallet load of moth balls and saved a small fortune.

    Our club dissolved because of 2 families dying, 2 moved from area, 1 family is now moving to Arizona and the rest of the stories of life for the couple of other former members.

    Of course our co-op bought a quantity of tarps - the real tarps like seen on trucks. Ours were all non-flammable.

    Yes, all this stuff is expensive even when buying in bulk - but the real comparison to determine cost is the house and objects saved versus a pallet of camphor or of food. Our restaurant-owner member is still here but we're all getting old and slowing down.
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