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    Besides the decorative benefits, rooftop gardens are lately used to provide food. After doing some research, one can have a small garden on the roof of their house. You'll have to make sure that there are no leakages to the rooms below. These gardens are suitable in towns or crowded areas where there is little space for gardens. You can plant cabbages, tomatoes and even pepper. You'll have to consider irrigating your crops for good yields.
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  2. cluckeyo

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    That would surely be a disaster on our roof. We have a flat roof and are constantly patching leaks. There is wonderful space up there on that roof and I would love to find a way to utilize it. But I don't think that a garden would be a good idea. I have thought of a deck or even solar panels.
  3. joshposh

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    These here are roofs that are entirely a garden. Reason being, it keeps the bottom half cool. You can also grow what ever you want on the roof at is now reacquired space. Plant whatever you want.

    If you plan to do what I just posted a picture of you need to waterproof your roof with a single piece of lining. Similar to the way the line swimming pools, back yard ponds, and hot tubs. Install the lining, pour over a thin amount of concrete, and then several inches of earth.
  4. lonewolf

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    you have to be careful with the weight of the soil, make sure the roof can support it.
  5. filmjunkie08

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    I like the idea of roof top gardens for those in highly urban areas. However roof top gardens can be expensive. The individual has to purchase enough bags of soil to be at least 6 inches deep on the roof top.
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    We were in Vietnam last year and we noticed that most low-rise buildings have roof gardens. Whenever we would come up a building, a mall or restaurant, we would peek thru the window to see the nearby buildings with roof garden. But they are not ordinary garden with flowering plants but most are planted with vegetables. The Vietnamese people are fond of green leafy vegetables and maybe the crop on the roof garden is part of the food supply of the building caretaker. One boutique owner told us that they always have a garden no matter how small just for the delight of seeing the vegetable. They also plant vegetables in pots when there is no soil around.
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    I actually really love seeing this image because it looks more natural, and like this person has no plans to ever rely on anything from the government.

    I would love to see more houses with type of setup, it makes such good use of the extra space on top of any home built type garage system. I will keep this in mind because I have so many ideas after seeing this. Thanks for posting.​
  8. Lisa Davis

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    In cities, roof-top gardens are all the rage here in the States. The fact of the matter is most city dwellers want the ability to grow their own food too, even if they live in an apartment. Roofs and balconies give them the ability to do just that. Also, people steal from a lot of gardens, especially the community garden plots in some cities that are given out to people. However, roof-top gardens provide extra security for your garden since most people can't just climb on top of your roof without considerable effort and they may not even know the garden is there at all, depending upon how tall your building is. I found an article about roof-top gardens in NYC, it is a good read. The pictures are great. While most of the gardens seem mostly for aesthetic purposes and not all for food, it also discusses "roof-top" farms in the article. Check it out:
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    I have a terrace garden that has been prepared for gardening. Prepared in the sense it is made waterproof. I have this garden since the last twentyfive years and it is doing well. I have planted lawn grass to cool the system downstairs. I also have some potted plants. terrace1.JPG
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