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    Personal safety or group safety can often times depend on the amount of training of the individual who is in control or is the leader of a group. The more people that are familiar with safety procedures and safety drills in your group the less likelihood there is of something going wrong in your group.
    There are many different safety drills you can practice from the privacy of your own home. Some safety drills may require you to drive out to the country for the afternoon or even take a weekend or overnight trip. Safety drills may seem a little silly to some while others will take safety drills very seriously. Mastering a safety drill will better help prepare you for an emergency situation in the future.

    By being sure to have all necessary safety precautions thought of in advance when the likelihood of something going wrong occurs you will be ready. From having your first aid kit to knowing about when and where to place a shelter, there are many different factors when it comes to safety drills. Safety drills could even be things like practicing tornado drills or emergency fire evacuation plans.
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    One Safety drill I have is that we have a code for when the real thing happens!
    This code is known but never ever used unless it is the real thing!
    No jokes, pranks, rehersals etc
    It is simple and to the point and if you hear it you shut up and listen!

    at the start of a message!
    We do not practice it but we reaffirm it every year!
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