Safety Gear That Will Help in a Survival Situation

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Lunasurvivor, Apr 27, 2016.

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    When it comes to playing it safe or being safe in an emergency situation or survival situation being prepared will help you. There are certain items that one can have which you can consider safety gear. Safety gear is oftentimes thought of to be things like helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, even ropes and climbing gear. This is true but is not always the only thing that is considered to be effective safety gear.

    Glow sticks flashlights, waterproof matches, emergency fishing gear, survival knives, pliers, and many other things are considered essentials when it comes to discussing safety gear that may help you in an emergency situation. You never know when you will be in an emergency situation and the best way to be prepared for this unplanned event is preparation. There's no such thing as being too prepared when the time comes. Whether you are purchasing a vehicle or stuck in a situation where your life depends on it having some basic safety essentials on hand or being sure to equip yourself with these essentials may be pivotal to your continued existence.
  2. Dante848

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    Something I didn't consider were pliers, wow those would be incredibly useful for so many reasons (even medical ones, blah). Also glow sticks, they can be used whenever and do not rely on batteries or a dry environment to create light, sadly the light isn't as great as a lighter or flashlight, but the glow stick itself is a lot more handy, reliable and convenient.
  3. Endure

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    Indeed. One can't bring along enough safety gear with you. But It also depends of the situation, you will not need a raincoat during a desert trip or even mountain climbing gear.
    Also, you should consider how reliable is a tool or how much time you can have some consumables before getting expired. A plastic spoon is rather useless compared to a steel one, the later can be used also to dig but the former will break easily with even trying.
  4. remnant

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    I guess that irrespective of the environment one finds him or herself in, there are some indispensables. One is a sleeping bag. This would come in handy in any situation. Another item is the first aid box and a pair of boots which can survive rough and contoured terrain. A life jacket is not a wild option since there is always a dam or unseen water body lurking in the horizon.
  5. Tom Williams

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    One thing most dont have is a swiss swing or repeling harness these greatly reduce getting hurt when going up and down hills a fall on your own isnt what you need a basic tool kit of hand tools is a must have allso
  6. Keith H.

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    If you are using a vehicle then I consider a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, a manual winch, tow cables, W D 40, & a wallaby jack important items to carry (as well as the normal vehicle tool kit of course). On foot you need to keep it pretty basic making a compromise between two important principles: minimum weight & maximum self-reliance.
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    Great advice! On a side note, make sure that the pliers and screwdrivers you buy are electrically insulated. It might sound silly but the last thing you want in a SHTF situation is an electrical burn. I bought an old electrician set for next to nothing at a pawn shop.
  8. hpro hamed

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    exactly those kind of things that you mentioned are the necessary things that you need when you are in the wilderness.
    having those tools help you survive among so many threats out there so make sure you have a knife and good waterproof matches and a good glove and your first aid kit.
    I hope that bad situations don't happen for you but remember safety first....
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