Safety Kits For Citizens

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Dec 6, 2019.

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    Not sure of my feeling about this. On one hand utilizing civilians sounds smart but on the the other hand, untrained hands may cause more damage than help. I think it will all depend on how the situation is handled.
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    if anyone wants a first aid kit they are available to buy, I have several.
    again handing them out free is not making people think for themselves, my parents always had first aid kits, at least one in the house and one in the car.
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    Hope they're getting a discount, cost of the kits from that company are overpriced for what they include (

    Other than that think it's a good idea, this is basically "stop the bleed" kits and for severe bleeding there's not much risk of causing additional harm compared to the benefit of slowing/stopping bleeding. The SWAT-T TQ in their kit, unlike the CAT in many others, is better suited for use on kids or dogs with their smaller limbs too. Drawback is it's more difficult to self-apply, especially one handed.

    Not a fan of big gov't and more regulations, but a national plan to standardize/certify the contents of an approved "stop the bleed" kit makes sense to me. Then let private businesses compete to meet the requirements and sell the kits at the lowest cost. So whether you're in a school, airport, gun range, or if a EMT hands you one to help at a mass casualty event the contents are all the same. An approved course, like Red Cross CPR, for teaching kids to use them before graduating from primary/elementary school even better.
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    Holy cow patties!!! they are basically selling 5 to 10 MAX dollars worth of stuff for 45 dollars in a vacuum-sealed bag! That is a great profit margin especially if you can get the government to pay you that price. I wonder if there is a connection between the official that proposed this and the company that is going to make big profits???

    What I would rather see is if the government would offer a tax incentive for people to take first aid classes and CPR classes. Instead of distributing first aid kits to people that may not know how to use them and may not be WILLING to use them the money would be better spent on training people that have the interest. I learned a long time ago that people don't place much value on things that you GIVE them that cost them nothing not even effort. I see problems with the tourniquet. They are great to stop massive bleeding from a cut artery but if you put one on when it is just a flesh wound you may do a lot more damage than the original wound.

    My version of this has more things. I include work gloves and facemasks just to name a couple of things. If you ned to dig someone out of a wreck or a collapsed building you will need more than nitrile gloves and with the dust and such a mask will be good too. You may need a light if it is dark so I include that. When you find someone you may need help. I like whistles for getting people's attention and so add in one of those.

    Naturally being prepared for even small disasters will improve your situation. LOL, a prepper is the ultimate version of the Boy Scout motto of always being prepared...
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  6. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    My guess is that this is an experiment. Other related experiments are surely going on at same time. Later, the reports and evaluations.

    Think of a fire extinguisher (not the big hose w/ nozzle) in motel lobby.
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