Salt To Preserve Meat

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    When you are in a hunting trip in a tropical country, the salt is very important. It is mainly used for preserving the meat or fish that you catch. Let’s say you catch a wild boar and you have ½ left to bring home. It will rot within 24 hours. Sprinkling it with salt all over will prevent the rotting and the meat is somehow preserve that can last for a weeki. With fish, the same thing applies although you have to wrap it in leaves, the best is banana leaves. That lesson I learned from my father-in-law who was a veteran hunter in the olden days.
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    I keep a big bag of salt at home for this reason, but if you are bugging out, the weight of salt is too much to carry with you. Also in the wilderness, unless you can find a salt spring, salt is not available unless you are by the sea.
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    Salt also attracts moisture, so that is not quite the whole story.
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