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Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by RosieCheeks, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. RosieCheeks

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    Dear friends! I would like to share my survival experience in the past. My college years were most tough in financial terms. I had a part-time job, which hardly covered my expenses for rent of a tiny room in the big city. My parents paid for my studies, though their monthly salary was rather low. God knows, how they managed to save money for my education. As for me, I had only 2 jeans and 1 shirt to wear. It is embarrassing for a girl, but studies were more important than looks. I saved money on food, having a diet of potatoes, cabbage and bread. Nothing wrong happened to my health, I survived without any damage to my health and my pride. I guess saving money on food is important when it goes about such important thing as education. Please share your views on this topic.
  2. overcast

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    I have found that some of the time eating leftover food say such as Pizza and anything with bread. And then making a new dish out of it can be one way to save money. As you can see that is something many people are trying lately. And you can surely save a lot of money this way. I have found that discounts and coupons online can be useful too. I try to avoid potatoes because those who have insulin issue should not consume it much. Apart from that you can go for more organic food instead of processed.
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    Best way to go honestly as a college student is rice, beans, mixed veggies and snag that meat on sale when you can. Rice + beans makes a complete protein. Organic food is 2-3x's more expensive than their regular counterpart so for a person on a budget it's not that feasible even with vouchers in city farmer's markets. Don't eat out because that's more expensive long run vs purchasing and cooking. Avoid frozen food, that's a poverty trap. If strapped for time learn how to master the microwave or crockpot.
  4. lonewolf

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    buy food when its on offer at a reduced price, use coupons when you can get them, shop at open air markets and other venues- I bought only last weekend 7 packs of bacon for £5..thats giving it away!!
    shop around, don't buy it all in one place.
  5. Scarlet

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    Choosing a healthy and cheap food if you want to save is a must. Depending on your location you can choose cheap but healthy food. For example banana and apple are both healthy food. Banana is common and cheap in tropical countries but healthy. It's rich in potassium and it has anti-ulcer properties. If you are not from tropical you can choose apple because it's rich in fiber and at the same time it has anti-oxidant properties. These are just example of how to save money without sacrificing your health.
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    When it comes to the issue of food, there is no better advice than to stock. Saving money on food is not quite okay due to inflationary pressures but you can do that with the aim of buying groceries during seasons when there is a glut in order to buy at a bargain.
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