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    This is one of the odder weapons in our survival battery, for very close range defense and signaling purposes. It is a (duly NFA registered) Serbu Super Shorty in 12-gauge (2¾" and 3"). It has a 2+1 capacity. It is very handy and light weight, though recoil is pretty brutal. It feeds all standard 12-gauge cartridges. The foregrip folds up for transport.

    Shown with a playing card and briefcase to get an idea on the size.


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    When I was in one of many tactical firearms training schools a fellow had
    a fully auto M-16 with 10" barrel.
    During night fired it lit up an acre!
    Even with ear muffs on it was loud.
    I wasn't impressed.
    The H&K MP-5 was impressive.
    I had a 1928 vintage Thompson and a WW II Riesing sub machine gun.

    The .45 Reising submachine gun was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Arms Company in Worcester, Massachusetts, and was designed and patented by Eugene Reising in 1940. The three versions of the weapon were theModel 50, the folding stock Model 55, and the semiautomaticModel 60 rifle.Over 100,000 Reisings were ordered during World War II, and were initially used by the United States Navy,Marine Corps and the United States Coast Guard, though some was shipped to Canadian, Soviet, and other allied forces to fight the Axis.
    It wasn't a very good sub gun as it was prone to jam if not kept very well cleaned
    and lubricated.
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    I've shot quite a few of the Armalite pattern shorties and the indeed are loud and have a lot of flash. A decent 5.56 can, however, really reduces the obnoxiousness factor.

    The Thompsons, in all forms, are fun. I've only seen a Reising in person a couple times, but they are interesting. The closed-bolt design makes them a little more accurate.
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