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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Requests' started by Sweetlou, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. Sweetlou

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    I live in the country with my wife and pets. We are surrounded by woods and streams. We have a large garden that we use to provide food. We are proficient with firearms and bows.
    That all sounds good. However I work in the city. Out ofoa company provided vehucle. As much as 80 miles away from home. If something would happen I need a form of none cellular communication that is portable so that I may keep in contact with my wife in the event I cannot make it home. I am asking for suggestions to help me fill that gap. Thank you.
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  2. blade_foxhollow

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    You could try radio. but i doubt anything really reaches that far. for that distance... honestly a cell phone is the best bet I can personally think of. I work 7.5 miles from my house and use my phone around 4 times a day to check in on my wife. Not over bearing she is currently pregnant while still taking care of our other two kiddos.
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  3. TexDanm

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    Where do you live as in what country? There are mobile radios that will cover that sort of distance. A friend of mine used to have a Canadian Cobra single sideband radio that also had and FM band that was good for that sort of range. He bought two of them for a situation much like yours. These radios were not legal in the US at that time is why I ask where you are. Back then Canadian CBs were stronger than the American versions.

    PS: I hear now that big brother in parts of Canada is making recreational use of CBs illegal. And they have also dropped the power.
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  4. Sweetlou

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    Pacific Northwest. I will look into that.
  5. WarHorse52

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    I believe it might be best to have a SHTF binder at your house with instructions for certain events and what to do if things go bad and tell her to follow the directions. I keep radios in my Get Home Bag and at my house in Farraday Cages, but I know that still will only be good for max 10-15 miles. Your other option would be to get a Satellite phone for both locations and put in Farraday cages, but you are talking a lot of expense and you probably would still end up telling her what would have been in the binders. Good Luck and God Bless!
  6. JayJay

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    Teach/show her the water/gas/electricity turn offs.
  7. watcherchris

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    I have four of what are called HF Ham radios. Barefoot they are capable of putting out some 100 watts each.

    I will be on the 75 meter band at about 8pm EST....on 3.947 MHZ lower Sideband mode. I will be talking to my friend out in Tennessee a distance of about 400 miles. No problem on the copy.

    In this kind of set up base to mobile ..a distance of about 80 miles will be no problem on 75 meters.

    Now this kind of rig is not inexpensive...and the antenna set up is not something everyone can do.

    And I have not even covered the licensing requirements to pass the test for a license.

    But my point is that there are radios which can do this ...

    Some radios work within towers and cover more distance.

    Myself..I am partial to single side band transmission for covering distance.

    Just some thoughts and information for the OP.


    Not an Ishmaelite
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