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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Requests' started by Sweetlou, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. Sweetlou

    Sweetlou New Member

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    I live in the country with my wife and pets. We are surrounded by woods and streams. We have a large garden that we use to provide food. We are proficient with firearms and bows.
    That all sounds good. However I work in the city. Out ofoa company provided vehucle. As much as 80 miles away from home. If something would happen I need a form of none cellular communication that is portable so that I may keep in contact with my wife in the event I cannot make it home. I am asking for suggestions to help me fill that gap. Thank you.
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  2. blade_foxhollow

    blade_foxhollow Expert Member

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    You could try radio. but i doubt anything really reaches that far. for that distance... honestly a cell phone is the best bet I can personally think of. I work 7.5 miles from my house and use my phone around 4 times a day to check in on my wife. Not over bearing she is currently pregnant while still taking care of our other two kiddos.
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  3. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    Where do you live as in what country? There are mobile radios that will cover that sort of distance. A friend of mine used to have a Canadian Cobra single sideband radio that also had and FM band that was good for that sort of range. He bought two of them for a situation much like yours. These radios were not legal in the US at that time is why I ask where you are. Back then Canadian CBs were stronger than the American versions.

    PS: I hear now that big brother in parts of Canada is making recreational use of CBs illegal. And they have also dropped the power.
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  4. Sweetlou

    Sweetlou New Member

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    Pacific Northwest. I will look into that.
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  5. WarHorse52

    WarHorse52 Expert Member

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    I believe it might be best to have a SHTF binder at your house with instructions for certain events and what to do if things go bad and tell her to follow the directions. I keep radios in my Get Home Bag and at my house in Farraday Cages, but I know that still will only be good for max 10-15 miles. Your other option would be to get a Satellite phone for both locations and put in Farraday cages, but you are talking a lot of expense and you probably would still end up telling her what would have been in the binders. Good Luck and God Bless!
  6. JayJay

    JayJay Expert Member

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    Teach/show her the water/gas/electricity turn offs.
  7. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    I have four of what are called HF Ham radios. Barefoot they are capable of putting out some 100 watts each.

    I will be on the 75 meter band at about 8pm EST....on 3.947 MHZ lower Sideband mode. I will be talking to my friend out in Tennessee a distance of about 400 miles. No problem on the copy.

    In this kind of set up base to mobile ..a distance of about 80 miles will be no problem on 75 meters.

    Now this kind of rig is not inexpensive...and the antenna set up is not something everyone can do.

    And I have not even covered the licensing requirements to pass the test for a license.

    But my point is that there are radios which can do this ...

    Some radios work within towers and cover more distance.

    Myself..I am partial to single side band transmission for covering distance.

    Just some thoughts and information for the OP.


    Not an Ishmaelite
  8. BigZirp

    BigZirp Expert Member

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    Best bet is to go over an evacuation plan or emergency plan. If SHTF and you do not show up after ______hours or _____days then here is what to do and where to go. If a false alarm then you know where to meet her.
  9. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    Anything that takes out the cell phone system may also take out all forms of communication. There is also a possibility that cars and trucks may not be useful either because of electronics malfunctions doe to an EMP or the roads being blocked.

    You might need to consider a plan B. Make sure that your Wife has the tools, skills and ability to manage things. I hate to mention it but you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and never make it home. You want her to be able to manage at least for a while without you.

    You might think about getting a very small storage place as near as possible to your place of work and put a bicycle or small motor bike in it along with a good get to home kit. You might have to walk it in a worst case situation and that may take several day or longer. My work truck always has had a big bag and everything that I would need to make it home on foot if necessary. I used to work daily 90 miles from home so I understand your situation.

    Weapons, tools, good boots, warm clothes, food, water, water filter, bedding, fire makings, medications and a one person shelter in a decent bag will make it a lot easier to come home.
  10. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    by Texdanm,

    Quite correct.

    This is one reason I never gave up on CW radio communications....Morse code.
    I keep and maintain spare car batteries in my garage by which I can hook up to power my HF Ham Radios if need be.

    In a serious SHTF condition people are not going to concern themselves with rules on the radio...
    But you might want to seriously consider operational to use a radio with security in mind.

    I also keep an olde moped around with points and condenser..not computer/solid state controlled. I also have my Dads olde 1967 Chevy for the same reason ..points ...and condenser...not a computer/solid state.

    Now whether they will work or not in an EMP is to be seen..but I have more confidence in them than a computer controlled vehicle under such conditions.

    Again correct in this...

    The idea of another member here in the making of a binder with the emergency plan is also a good idea..and updating it when you get new gear in your emergency arrangements. Do not keep this information on your computers should the power go out...put it in a manual binder...

    Military plans in an emergency or abnormal condition use such contingency plans laid out in binders.....not stored on a computer or cell phone..should the power go out.

    Again a good idea by Texdanm.

    My daily backpack to and fro work is a BOB...and also carries items I use often at work.

    Should I have to walk home....verses drive or take my scooter. There is also a separate BOB in both my car and truck..also my van.

    I have also scrounged ...from the dumpsters at work...several lockers when the Navy scraps them..and fixed them up...put them in certain locations.

    I have in these lockers some canned and dried food and also a sterno stove...and some medical supplies. I do not want to be dependent on a microwave in an Emergency.

    In the refrigerator at work I keep two Gatorade bottles emptied out ..and filled with name on the lids.

    I also keep one in my daily bob....empty.

    Plans are if something happens to grab the two refrigerated bottles and also fill up the third bottle and get ready to go if things go down.
    Gatorade bottles are heavy duty plastic. I don't like Gatorade but I like the bottles for being heavy duty.
    When I drink from them at work...I fill them back up and put them back in the fridge...pre staged.

    A roll up emergency antenna is also in these lockers get further range on my Walkie talkies. I just hoist up the antenna and hook it up after removing my rubber ducky antenna.

    In an emergency I can also go to the roof of one of these mulit story buildings..the one I have in mind is some 85 feet up ..and use the 2 meter/440 MHZ walkie talkie...on the rubber ducky antenna.
    Take the this condition...not the elevator.

    Should something happen while I am at work...and unable to leave...I know the vending machines will go empty by the first day. Most people never bring supplies..but by the day.

    That is up to the members here ..but it is what I have done....a certain amount of pre staging at work. correct..

    Be aware that certain companies do not allow weapons to be carried in vehicles in their company parking lots.
    I do not park in company parking lots...but in a privately owned lot with my car, truck, or van.

    When I take my scooter ..I do not carry as do I when I take my car, truck, or van. But that is your decision. I merely point out that certain companies do not allow weapons in company parking lots.
    Be Warned.

    I have a large poncho which can be made into a crude shelter if needed...
    It also has extra material in it to cover ones person and also their backpack to keep it dry. This could be important under certain conditions.

    I keep one of these ponchos in my truck, car and also my well as a spare under my scooter seat.

    Brought home my walkie talkie during the holiday and am charging it along with my spare batteries I also keep with it.

    When I return to work it will be put back in one of my pre positioned lockers with my Tecsun 660 short wave set...and roll up antenna. I do not keep batteries in my Tecsun 660 shortwave set...should they leak and damage the shortwave receiver.

    It is a Baofeng type walkie Talkie...available in different models on Amazon. Inexpensive and work well in the manner I apply them.

    In my pocket daily I Like to keep 4 to 6 AA type batteries..for my Mag Lite as well as my short wave set. I keep other spares in my daily Back pack...which is also the reason for the oversized poncho...I do not want all this stuff getting wet..including the spare spite of storing them in plastic bags.

    I also keep one of these in my pocket as well as my daily bag..small and not much weight..augmenting the disposable bic lighters also kept in my daily bag.

    Also added is a styptic pencil in a plastic container.

    The point here is that much of this stuff... as Texdanm aptly states... can be prepositioned with some thought.

    And so too can a binder with your emergency procedure/proceedures...prepositioned......steps for the family to follow at home should you be away from home when and if things go down.

    I have decided that I do not ever want to be dependent on the vending machines at work should I be stuck there for a day or two....

    First off because the electricity may go out and second because people in the same boat will loot them if they too cannot get out for a couple of days.

    Lots of things you can think through and pre position as needed.

    Texdanm is correct..


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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  11. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    I have thought about this a lot and wish to offer you a thought. Now days people that have concerns about the welfare of their loved ones in the event of their death buy insurance that hopefully will offer their families the funds needed to get by. In the past this sort of thing just didn't exist.

    Men have always worried about their loved ones and tried to offer protection to them even after their death. In the centuries past there have existed various lodges and groups. Their main purpose and objective was to offer care and protection to their family in the event of their passing. The Woodsmen, the Odd-fellows, the Masons and many others all were formed brotherhoods that swore to protect and care for the families of their Brothers. To some extent the churches filled this need also in a lot of places. These are the people that opened and ran orphanages and finance Children's hospitals.

    During good times all of these sort of organizations sort of fall into the background. When times get tough people begin to remember that other people matter and can be important. If you are isolated now and have nobody that you can trust to help your loved ones if you can't then they will be in serious trouble in a world filled with frightened people that are suffering and crazy.

    Families used to stay close and were there to help each other. That isn't as common as it used to be. One of the great losses in the modern world is the closeness and community that used to be so common. People used to know their neighbors and have lots of they have TVs, Smart Phones and Computers.

    The best thing that you can do for those you love if you really believe that things will crash in their lifetime is to make connections with them into the community around you now. Make some real friends and reconnect to family if they are worthwhile. If not make your friends your family. It takes some work. Friends and family that you can depend on require you to put in some sweat equity.

    Just a thought...
  12. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    It is a good thought too Texdanm...

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  13. Morgan101

    Morgan101 Master Survivalist

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    At one time my job used to take me several hundreds of miles from home for days at a time. My family is all adults, so I did not have to worry about small children, but I wanted everything in place, so they could survive as well as if I was there. WarHorse52 suggested a binder, and I do have one for just that purpose. I also have a checklist that my wife can go to that gives explicit instructions on where things are and what to take. Something else I have done is put a complete written inventory sheet in every bug out bag, so whoever might grab it and go will know exactly what they have.

    A couple of other suggestions, and some were mentioned earlier. Make sure your wife knows how to turn off the gas, water, and electric. Make sure she knows where all of the bug out supplies are if she has to leave without you. Is everything in one place? It isn't in my house. Have a practice drill where TSHTF, and she has to do everything by herself. You can guide her through it. Now it won't be an overwhelming task if it happens for real.

    You might set up a relay, or some communication system to keep in touch. The third point of the triangle if you will. You may not be able to get in touch with your wife, but maybe you can reach her mother. The mother would be the focal point for the two of you. Maybe it is another relative or friend in another area you could both reach out to. Service may be down in one area, but not in another. You get the idea. Communicate through a third party.

    IMHO the best way to address it is to plan for it. Think everything through thoroughly, and plan and practice, so they can handle everything if you are not there.
  14. TMT Tactical

    TMT Tactical The Great Lizard ! Staff Member

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    Many good points made and much food for thought. Great posts.
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