Scientists Research Disaster Resilience

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    Good morning all,

    The article's sub head is what got my attention. Manhattan, NYC in poor resilience shape ! Forget Harlem and the middle class neighborhoods (relatively speaking) like Central Park West, Upper East Side amd consider Manhattan to really be "Wall Street". Wall Street is in super shape. I concede Wall Street does not use sand bags. They use gold dust bags.

    Share flashlights ? National Preparatory Analytics Group ? This must have been a sole-source contract.

    That map; Cape May, New Jersey in bad shape ? North Slope, Alaska in bad shape ?

    If "scientists" from Argonne National Lab really believe "income inequality" is low in the Washington, D.C. area, these "scientists" really do need to go to summer school. Some private tutoring will also help.

    Local emergency managers know about the problems......known well prior to Argonne Analytics cashing their first check from this "contract".

    Can't Manhattanites sleep in Central Park after the disaster ? It's been done before.

    The definition of "community" has changed post the Vietnam War era. It is no longer geographic and more so functional. That's why combining Harlem and Wall Street into the same Manhattan geographic area distorts as much as the fake statistics used in the "study".
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