Seatbelt Bags!

Discussion in 'Recrafting and Modifying' started by amelia88, May 31, 2017.

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  1. amelia88

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    One thing I saw recently that I thought was a great use of upcycling was this brand that makes bags from seatbelts. As well as looking really cool they are apparently super sturdy as well - which makes sense, given what they're made from!

    Have you seen seatbelts being used in any cool/unique ways for upcycling?
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  2. Xilkozuf

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    Well, I saw a seatbelt thing used as a keychan. I found the image:


    It's not as useful as a bag, and it might be a little too heavy for a keychan, but it's still a unique idea for me.
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  3. Keith H.

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    Good post Amelia.
    Certainly a recourse I had not thought of, if you had to ditch your vehicle, it would be well worth cutting out the seat belts in a shtf situation. Seat belts would also make a good snatch strap for pulling a vehicle out of a bog. How about a gun sling, perhaps carry & pull straps for a travois. There must be many other applications for this item.
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  4. DeeFree

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    What a great idea! Seat belt fabric is so strong and durable. Now I'm going to keep my eye for discarded seat belts as I sew and do a lot of DIYs. I wonder where she gets hers but I understand if she keeps that a secret. Humans are so creative.
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