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    When it comes to urban survival, you will have to live a little bit differently than you would if you were in the country. There will be people around every corner looking to claim what is yours. Many of these individuals will be willing to go to extreme distances to obtain minute amounts of supplies. Setting up surveillance will be a key factor in helping you to remain safe.

    Surveillance can be set up by using video equipment, radio monitors, motion detectors, and even visual lookouts such as people. By having alternate shifts where someone is always awake and vigilant you can be prepared should the unexpected start to occur. Having security measures in place will not only keep you safe they can possibly save your life in the time of need. The best way to familiarize yourself with security techniques is of course by practical applications of studying them online, attending classes where they teach them and actually applying them to realize yourself in test drills.

    Urban survival can be highly dependent on the amount of security measures you have taken to secure your shelter or home. Never think that you are overly prepared and at the same time never think that you have everything covered. Expect the unexpected, stay vigilant, and if you want to help others, share your security survival techniques. I learned mine by reading and researching tips and suggestions from others.
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    Video equipment you use for surveillance could be smashed leaving you blind so to say.

    One must for that reason plan for all contingencies. Since surveillance is what might warn you when people are approaching, you might need to have a human lookout at all times. A lookout who can stay out of sight but observe everything going on around them would be a great asset.
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