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    Before your first confrontation, you must come to terms with what you're prepared and able to do. With firearms, I advise folks not to even own one unless he/she is prepared to use it on another human. Shooting at targets is far different than being shot at and returning accurate fire.

    This mental preparation also applies to hand-to-hand, knife, etc. What are YOU prepared to do to protect yourself and your loved ones? Remember: Talk is cheap.

    You must serious consider what you are willing to do. If you have Christian or other religious beliefs, how will your decision to maim or kill another person square with your belief system.

    So think about it, talk about it, live with your decision. You must have a clear mind/conscience before you take any self-defense action in the future.
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    I remember a woman telling me once that she would rather die than use a gun for defence, her choice. But I think if push comes to shove, most people will kill to save their family & themselves. Having a gun is insurance, if you can't kill, then aim to disable. But personally I recommend killing them lots! If they can still move, then they are a danger. Don't worry about the killing, you don't let your women get raped & killed because of your religious beliefs, if you do then you have no honour & don't deserve to live. Get a gun & learn to use it. If you do not care about your own life, then at least think of others.
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    Knife fight, let's not even talk about that. Makes my legs tingle. If you've ever been cut or stabbed, you know what I mean. On two occasions men pulled a knife on my papaw, he pulled his gun both times, one guy got religion, and the other guy got shot.

    Speaking of guns, a gun is what I recommend. A sheriff's department range-master who had worked the county jail a many a night said that on every occasion (numerous) he'd used mace or pepper spray, he got a royal dose in his own eyes and face himself. Spray or stream, these sprays get on you also. Buy a gun.

    But, buy a gun if you are going to use it. I'm different, I never thought about not having a gun, the women in my family had guns, guns were just part of normal day to day -- I'm certain that I can't even think like others think concerning guns. I say "weapon" because it was burned into me as a kid by former military men that a "gun" was a piece of artillery and your rifle was your personal "weapon". That said, where I'm coming from (and I've been certified as rifle trainer and handgun trainer) and all, a novitiate says to me that they want a gun. That's when we have a little talk.

    As we talk, I'm thinking, "Push comes to shove, can they do the deed?" I listen for things like, "Maybe I can just wound them." OK, so if they don't have that "whatever it is" within them to follow through with the whole defense reaction thingy, then I'm backing off on recommending that they get into the whole process of getting good with a gun. There is a lot that goes into getting good and incorporating a weapon into your brain's wiring. "Get good or get dead," right! There is this flood of information flooding into my brain right now and I can't even begin to start on it, so I won't.

    I want more women to own guns. That's a big bias of mine. I guess what I want is for people who attack people they see as vulnerable to have something horrific to happen to them. I mean, isn't it just the best daydream to imagine a rapist getting a hole in his breastbone and him losing control of his body?!!! Watching a bad person getting seriously injured is like hearing a symphony orchestra playing some angelic piece of music. That look on the bad guy's face is worth a million billion dollars. It's like all is well in the firmament now.
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