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Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by TimberTom, Apr 28, 2016.

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    In an urban survival situation, something you will have to consider is that other people are going to be after your resources. Being able to defend yourself is vitally important. One of the best defenses is a good offense as we all know too well. By setting some simple traps around your home or shelter, you can be better prepared to deal with intruders or potential nasty guys and gals.

    Trip wires are a great way to let you know that someone is coming that isn't supposed to be there. When you set trip wires only you or people in your group should know where they are. For this reason, when you hear the sound of your wire going up whether it has some simple cans tied to it or you have managed to secure the lines to the ends of two grenades, you will know that you have intruders.
    You can easily familiarize yourself with how to set traps by studying them online and practicing with them in your spare time. Being prepared is the key to surviving any kind of survival situation. Traps will help you be prepared so obviously are a great idea to learn.
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    Excellent post TimberTom, love the alarm traps in your images.
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    The horn trap is definitely a great invention. I haven't seen things like this before. I've seen pots and pans strung up high where the wire makes them jiggle in the event that it's tripped. I am going to have to practice the horn one. I'm sure my neighbors will love me for that. Haha!
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