Shelter With Coconut Leaves?

Discussion in 'Primitive Shelter' started by WildSpirit, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. WildSpirit

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    Have you ever seen yourself in any situation where you had to build some kind of shelter by having to use coconut leaves? In many quantities, they usually offer some comfort and convenience in certain not so good situations (it's clear that in a limited way, obviously :D).

    I already had to build some shelters like that one so I can tell you that the experience was very good. ;)
  2. TsuyoyRival

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    I once watched episodes of a Discovery channel show hosted by Bear Grylls. This man might overdo most of what he shows on camera but many of his tips are life-saving, including the Coconut's leaves shelter :D
  3. m33kuh

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    Very famous in our country. Do not underestimate those coconut leaves because they can last for years. We have even used that before but not the green ones. They are very good and they don't absorb heat so you it's very cool inside even if it's very hot outside.
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