Short Essay On Preparedness

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    Good morning all,

    This news story is a short, memoir type article on preparedness as a matter of routine.

    Mom had good advice. Dad was "ready to roll".

    Observe sermons. Observe parents.

    Note transition of term from "security stashes" to "grad and go" supplies.

    The first available tools were NOT keep in the tool box.

    Sharon Cox has a good essay.
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    similar to my parents, both born just before the Spanish Flu epidemic, both went through WW2 as adults, they weren't preppers-the word hadn't even been invented then but they were PREPARED , you had to be, no supermarkets, no motorways, no internet and no mobile phones, even no freezers back then.
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    1. TMT Tactical
      Same with my adopted parents. Not sure who adopted whom but they were prepared.
      TMT Tactical, Apr 17, 2020
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