Should China Pay Reparations For The Covid19 Outbreak?

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Rowser, Mar 20, 2020.

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    No but they should be treated just like Iran and be shunned by most of the world. Unless somebody can PROVE that China made the virus, there is no valid reason to ask for reparations, Since they were not forth coming with info and lied about the virus, then they demonstrated their lack of ethic and moral and should be treated as the national leper they are.
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    Good morning Rowser,

    Do you know that China is America's creditor ?

    They can close this place down.

    Now for the bad news: China has excess population. The US does not. We've just finished importing people from south of the Rio Grande (and some Asians). China can thrive with smaller population. The US cannot. Without workers on W-2 forms sending in money (indirectly) to the Social Security Administration, the retirement checks cannot go out.

    Fortunately, Team Trump has some premier, back channel negotiators working the China card.
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    The only way to hurt china is to not buy china's products..Hard to do but we can do it by making our own stuff..
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    Yes! Have been saying it all along. Then we they go bankrupt we make our own damn shit for a change and ship the crap to them! Only fair since they've been bending us over for so many years.

    Why allow a communist, unfriendly state to prosper? They are actively pursuing hypersonic missiles and quantum computers. If we don't beat them we're in for a world of shit. Not only would they have the technology, but they'll sell it to Russia and God knows who else. You can't trust them. When our secret stealth helicopter crashed in Obama's, I mean in Osma's backyard, the Pakistanis invited the Chinese to have a look.

    China is just one of many counties looking to give us a black eye, and we had all better wake the F up!
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